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High Points


  1. Both the recorded owner and rider must be paid members in good standing of ASHA of Alabama (ASHAA) to participate in the Awards program.  In Equitation or Academy, only the rider need be a member. Points will begin accumulating from the date of receipt of paid ASHAA Membership Application and High Point Registration form.

  2. You must exhibit at a minimum of two shows in a total of three classes, within the same division, to qualify for points.  Each member is required to turn in a High Point Recording Worksheet to the point tabulator (ASHAA Recording Secretary) on or before the required date following the final show of the season.  The worksheets will be checked against the official show results.

  3. Point shows will be determined by how many ASHAA member barns attend each show.

  4. Members must show at a qualifying show in Alabama to receive a High Point award.

  5. Point System

    • “A” Rated show:

      • Mid-South Spring Premier (MSSP)

    • “B” Rated shows:

      • Shows with three (3) or more ASHAA member barns in attendance

    • “C” Rated shows:

      • Shows with two (2) or more member barns in attendance

      • Summer Fun Shows with two (2) or more ASHAA member barns in attendance

  6. Only the top two ribbons per division (equitation and pleasure) at National Academy will count towards high points.

  7. Only 3 classes per division at each show will count for high points. If you show in 4 or more classes within one division at one show, only the top 3 ribbons you earn will be tabulated for high points.

Points Awarded
Divisions Offered
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